Choosing the best roof bars for your car

Roof bars, also known as a roof rack, are very popular amongst vehicle owners for a variety of reasons. These devices basically allow the driver of the vehicle to carry additional luggage, along with sporting equipment such as bikes, skies, snowboards, or other similar products, on the roof of the vehicle. This obviously saves space in the vehicle, plus for some, it may be the only option as otherwise, transporting the items just wouldn’t be possible as they may have simply been too big. What you may not have realised however, is that roof bars are not all created equal, so if you are indeed on the lookout for a set of new roof bars, there will be a number of things to consider. Take a look at the following, as we look at a few tips based upon choosing the best roof bars for your car.

Know your bars – First and foremost, before going any further, it is vital that you know the main differences between each type of roof bar, as that way, you will get a better understanding of which specific design may be the best suited for your basic needs and requirements. Typically, common examples include:

Flush rails – Flush rails are relatively new designs, and, as the name implies, they basically sit flush upon the roof of your vehicle. This means that there is no additional space between the roof and the bars. The primary benefit of flush rails is that they simply look attractive, as, when the bars are empty, most people wouldn’t even know they were on.

Raised rails – Raised rails are commonly found on larger vehicles such as minivans, wagons, and SUVs, and are racks which run the entire length of the roof of the vehicle, that are attached securely to each corner of the roof. These are raised slightly and are made up of a crossbar system where the bars can actually be placed where they are needed.

Consider your needs – When choosing roof bars for your vehicle, one of the deciding factors which influence which bar you choose to go with, will be what you need the roof bars for in the first place. For example, if you only need them for carrying luggage, a detachable and smaller roof rack may be required, whereas if you know that you will permanently need the bars attached, flush rails or raised rails may be your better option.

See what others have to say – When making a purchase of this nature, it is always a good idea to see what other people have to say, so head online and browse the forums and see if other people are talking about the rack you have your eye on, or whether people have any recommendations of products based upon the info you provide. Alternatively, you can simply read reviews of roof bars and see whether a product is indeed as good as the manufacturers would have you believe.

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