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Jeep Cherokee vs. Ford Escape: City or Country Mouse?

Choosing a new vehicle is always a very exciting and at the same tiresome process. If you know at least the class of a car you want things become easier in any category except for SUVs. SUVs and crossovers are manufactured in a huge number of makes, models, sets, etc. which makes it unbelievable tough to make the final choice. Today we would like, however, to pay you attention to the best options existing in the automotive market of today, namely Jeep Cherokee and Ford Escape.

They seem to be totally different, because the Jeep looks like the trails champion while Ford Escape offers a more luxurious look being at the same time more pleasant for families. The Cherokee is screaming for attention from the passers-by while the Ford can get into the crowd perfectly with its quiet elegance.
However, if you learn a little more information about these vehicles you will find out several commonalities, too. For instance, they have similar prices and basically are of the same size, their wheelbase and interior dimensions are also very close. But they have different technologies to save fuel. So which one is better? We will not give you straight answer as it is a matter of taste but offer you several characteristics of each car.

Ford Escape: If it’s good enough

There is absolutely no doubt that Ford Escape has a perfect design and is easy on the eyes. Its European style perfectly hides its size and in fact creates a look of a tall wagon. Those who tested Ford Escape report that this vehicle has perfect comfortable height for both driving and getting into the car.

When you are driving this vehicle you will instantly understand that regardless of its big size it is not a truck but a real vehicle. It is also designed with a roof window which adds even more space and natural light at the passengers’ seats. The quality of materials used on the steering wheel and seats is great and very comfortable.

In terms of safety this car is great, because it offers one of the highest visibilities available in the market today.

Rubicon Trail, meet the Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee is a little higher than Ford Escape, so you will need to hoist a little when sitting. But once you get inside of it you can start admiring its beauty and enjoying its comfort. The seats are covered in soft leather which pleasantly rubs your shoulders, the interior design is finished with nice-looking silvery touches.

On the road, Jeep Cherokee will feel opposite to Ford Escape. It is heavier in general and has heavier steering together with bigger tires which confirm that this is a real Jeep. But even this size leaves you comfortable and relaxed when driving even for long distance. The visibility of this Jeep is good, except in back. This car is great for people who hate parking because it has built-in parking electronic helper with a rear camera and voice directions which will help you do it right. Moreover, the camera’s image is transmitted to the huge 8.4-inch Uconnect screen.